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How To Sleep After Keratin Treatment?

In order to extend the glorious benefits you receive from a keratin treatment you need to observe some sleep practices that might be a bit different from your normal routine.

How To Sleep After Keratin Treatment? | BKT Beauty

Here at BKT we’ve put together a few pointers to make sure those keratin benefits stay with you for longer.

Stay Straight

Priority number one is keeping your hair straight as an arrow. If there are any marks or creases in your hair very carefully blow dry your hair and follow this up with some time with your hair straightener.

Stay Silky

Keratin aftercare and maintenance isn’t easy. In order to make sure your hair remains lustrous and silky after you wash your hair use shampoo and conditioners that are sulfate free. Alternatively look to dry shampoo - which works extremely well in gently removing excess proteins from your hair strands. Typically you can’t wash your hair for 72 hours after a treatment but at BKT there is no wait time!

Stay Horizontal

Because your hair has just been set with keratin proteins it’s extremely important you have straight hair, even when you’re sleeping. This means laying your hair back over your pillow so there are no folds or creases. Silk pillowcases are recommended for your hair after keratin treatment. They not only keep your hair smooth, but also prevent it from becoming frizzy.

Stay Cool

Excess heat is also not ideal. This is because your hair has already undergone significant heat application and overdoing it may cause your hair to fray, dry, and snap. So be careful!

We hope that these tips help you keep your beautiful locks gleaming!

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