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Can You Do Keratin Treatment on Coloured Hair?

Brazilian keratin treatments are amazing for making your strands smooth and shiny, without the need to use a flat iron or to blow dry daily. They also protect your hair from external factors like smog and other pollutants. Today, women and men are more preoccupied with the health of their hair, but still want to use vibrant colours to dye their locks.

Luckily, both colour dyes and hair treatments have advanced enough to achieve the desired result without badly damaging your hair. When it comes to applying keratin smoothing treatments to coloured hair, there are no restrictions, but you should definitely follow some good practices to ensure maximum effects.

Colour Before or After Keratin?
Can You Do Keratin Treatment on Coloured Hair? | BKT Beauty

Because of the way keratin hair treatments work, you should definitely schedule your colour treatment afterward.

Your hair might lighten up by 1 or 2 tones after a keratin treatment, or 3-4 tones after a nanoplasty. In order to achieve the colour you intended, colour it after the brazilian blowout, keratin, or nanoplasty.

However, it’s very important to wait before colouring your hair, as doing it too early can make the keratin treatment ineffective, which might leave you with frizzy hair in uneven patches and a need to retouch earlier than expected.

Keratin Treatments on Coloured Hair

With colour, you want the pigments to penetrate the hair shafts and last longer, which is why your hair should be clean and free of hair products, to begin with. In many cases, keratin enhances the look of colour-treated hair because the keratin forms a protective layer around the hair cuticle and locks the pigments in.

For thick hair types or bleached hair, keratin treatments are the best, as they can better control the bounciness and smoothness of the hair. For clients with finer hair or who used semi-permanent colour, we highly recommend nanoplasty, which is safe to use by pregnant women and girls who are 7 years old or more. Nanoplasty is a formaldehyde-free treatment that heals your hair and keeps it in its best shape.

How to Get the Best Results

To achieve the best possible results from keratin and colour treatments, it’s crucial to time them right. After a keratin treatment, your hair needs time to go through the bonding process, and you should stay away from hair products and hair dye for at least a few days.

If you plan to bleach your hair before colouring, do it 2 weeks before the keratin treatment. If you want to bleach after the keratin, wait at least 2 weeks in between. Caring for your treat hair should also be done properly. Use a clarifying shampoo before the keratin, and a sulphate-free shampoo afterward.

Over to You

If you have any questions about using keratin treatments on coloured hair, contact BKT Beauty and find out everything you need to know. Our nanoplasty has purple pigments to improve hair colour.

We can also schedule an appointment to discuss everything face to face at our salon in Surry Hills, NSW.

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