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Sydney Salon

Our salon offers the best vegan and non-toxic hair smoothing products from Brazil. Visit us to meet our team of speacialists in straigthening treatments.

What is Nanoplasty?

Nanoplasty | BKT Beauty
A new type of straightening Nanoplastia (Nanoplasty) is a hair restoration and a new alternative to keratin treatment, which has a more organic formula. Nanoplasty achieves the same or an even better result than a keratin treatment, which is to permanently straighten and smooth the hair.

Nanoplasty is also safe for pregnant women and kids from 7 years old, because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or formaldehyde. The desired effects of Nanoplasty can last up to 5-6 months or until your hair grows out. The lack of formaldehyde in this treatment is great for people who can't use formaldehyde, such as pregnant women and kids from 7 years old and up. Nanoplasty absolves you from the intense smell and burning that comes along with it.

This treatment restores and nourishes your hair, leaving you with a healthy, silky appearance. The chemical composition is made up of amino acids and collagen. The products for Nanoplasty are saturated to the maximum of beneficial substances and supplemented with harmless chemical elements that facilitate penetration into the hair and interact at the cellular level. The formula for this procedure  is rich in amino acids, which under the action of temperature, penetrate the cortical layer of the hair. Therefore, the structure of the hair becomes strong and the nutrients are integrated in the hair, strengthening and healing it from the inside.

What is the difference between Keratin Treatment and Nanoplasty? 

The sole difference between Keratin and Nanoplasty is the chemical makeup of each treatment. While our keratin treatment does not contain formaldehyde, it does contain more chemicals than Nanoplastia, which is made up of amino acids and collagen.

Nanoplasty not only straightens the hair but also heals it from inside out. It is made of natural vegan ingredients including organic acids, açai and linseed oil. It does not contain any harsh chemicals, formaldehyde releasers, carboncysteine and all nasties.
It combines two acids to create the perfect smooth, manageable, hydrated hair. 
Our Nanoplastia will let your hair with a glossy but natural effect. Although it does make the hair straight, you will not lose volume (your hair won't be flat) and movement.  Having collagen drinks is also a good idea to care for your newly treated hair.

Brazilian Keratin is only a straightening procedure. It can let your straighter if your hair is thick but does not heals the hair as much. 

Both treatments are very effective a keratin treatment can last up to 3-6 months whereas the nanoplasty treatment last up to 4-8 months or  as your hair grows out.

While both keratin and Nanoplasty treatments will smooth and straighten your hair, the ideal candidate for Keratin treatment is someone with thick hair. Nanoplasty is a better treatment for those with thin or fine hair, assuming that it is not damaged. Check out our at home nanoplasty solution here.


If you’re still not sure about which one to choose, don’t worry we can decide it on the day of your appointment as well.



1. Decide which treatment you would like

2. Add extra services (if needed) such as: Light Therapy; After Wash or Hair cut.

3. Choose your hair length and thickness 
*consider length when the hair is straightened*


We're located right next to Central Station at SHOP 2/461 Elizabeth St. Surry Hills, NSW 2010.

(Entry corner of Rutland and Little Buckingham)