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Does the Keratin Treatment / Nanoplasty Permanently Change Hair?

Today’s hair treatments are focused on enhancing the beauty of your hair while keeping the damage at a minimum. Healthy-looking hair always was and will always be in fashion, and various methods were used to achieve this.

Modern treatments for glossy, smooth hair include keratin treatment and nanoplasty. But, is this treatment for everyone? And what do they involve exactly?
You will further learn more about how they work and what to expect from them. But first, let’s answer the main question: do keratin treatments and nanoplasty change the hair permanently?

Are Keratin Treatment and Nanoplasty Permanent?

Does the Keratin Treatment / Nanoplasty Permanently Change Hair? | BKT Beauty

The answer is yes. The structure of the hair is changed permanently and is not reversible. The keratin treatment might be less effective and have unpleasant side effects if you don’t follow the process properly and pay attention to the aftercare care, but it doesn’t mean you can reverse the effect and expect good results.

The treatments wear off as your hair grows. Depending on how fast your hair growth rate is, it can be in between 4 and 7 months until a new treatment is needed. So, while they are, indeed, long-term and irreversible, your hair is renewed.

What Is Keratin Treatment?

The keratin hair treatment’s main benefit is that it repairs damage caused by hair products or colouring, or simply by age. Once keratin is applied to the hair, it improves the hair texture and modifies the curl pattern on curly hair, or minimizes frizz for straight hair. A Brazilian blowout is a keratin treatment that uses heat to straighten your locks permanently, with the hair being blow dried to activate the substances.

What Is Nanoplasty?

Nanoplasty is a formaldehyde free hair straightening treatment that can be used by clients of all hair types. It’s suitable for girls (7yo and more) and pregnant women, as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. The main purpose of nanoplasty is to get the hair chemically straightened. The chemical processes are irreversible, so your natural curls will come back once your hair grows back.

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For a lot of women, their hair is one of their most valuable assets that allows them to express their personalities. Naturally, you want to take proper care of it and have all the information at hand before you begin or choose a new treatment.

Hopefully, this article was enough to help you determine if the keratin, nanoplasty treatment is right for you.

If you have more questions about keratin, nanoplasty, or other types of latest generation hair treatments, contact us and we will offer our expert advice. Once you have decided what is right for you, book an appointment at BKT Beauty in Surry Hills, NSW.