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Which Salon Hair Treatment Is Right For You?

The best look for anyone’s hair is a healthy shine, with no trace of split ends, frizz, or discoloration. Choosing the right salon hair treatments is not simple when you have so many options to choose from. However, specialists can recommend the best treatment for you, and you can research each method beforehand.

Here's an overview of our treatments and what you can expect from them.

The Latest Hair Treatment Options in the Sydney

Which Salon Hair Treatment Is Right For You? | BKT Beauty

Modern hair treatments focus on repairing hair damage and applying a deep conditioning treatment when needed. Healthy hair will naturally look better, and styling gets easier and less invasive. We will further present the best three hair care options we have to offer.

What Is Nanoplasty and What Does It Do?

Nanoplasty is a straightening hair treatment that will also nourish the strands. It contains silk proteins, oils, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that make your hair healthier while straightening it. As opposed to the keratin treatment, nanoplasty does not use formaldehyde. It’s good for hair damaged by flat irons or excessive blow drying.

Nanoplasty can let your hair somewhere between 90-100% straight, but you may need 2-3 salon visits to achieve this result. The treatment even works on fine hair as it won't leave it flat, but give it volume and a certain bounciness.

The nanoplasty treatment has purple pigments that enhance hair colour. The ingredients in it, such as the shea butter and babassu oil will reduce frizz and make your hair look sleeker.

What Is Keratin Treatment and What Does It Do?

Brazilian keratin treatment is a permanent straightening method, which covers the hair shafts with a protective layer of keratin. The keratin gets in the hair cuticle, smoothing it out, and modifies the hair structure to obtain straight hair. It’s great for coloured hair and most hair types, but it gives great results with dry hair or hair colour that needs bleaching.

What Is Hair Botox and What Does It Do?

Hair botox is a nourishing hair treatment that will also smooth the strands out and straighten them to a certain degree. It contains collagen, keratin, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for its well-being. Dry, frizzy hair becomes smooth and shiny, as your hair and scalp get a boost of nutrients. Hair botox also encourages hair growth.

Which One Is Best for You?

The treatment that will fit you best should be chosen based on your hair type and hair history, and what results you want to achieve. Pregnant women and teens cannot use the keratin treatment, for example. Hair botox will not modify the structure of your curls, but it will work well on thinning hair. Some treatments will lighten up your hair, which is something to consider if you want to have specific hair colour in mind.

Your stylist will examine your hair, discuss with you about your hair history and expectations and recommend the best options based on these factors.

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We at BKT Beauty specialise in the health of hair and scalp and know exactly what treatment is best for you. Contact us for more information or to book an appointment for one of our hair treatments.

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What is Nanoplasty?

What Is Hair Botox?