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Does Keratin Treatment Damage Hair?

Keratin treatments are an effective way to lock in damage-defending protein, resulting in gorgeous, smooth locks of hair that last for months.

There’s a lot of healthy scepticism about the health and safety of keratin treatments. While traditional Brazilian keratin treatments often feature formaldehyde in the ingredients, there are alternative keratin treatments or separate treatments altogether which can give you the same results without the use of formaldehyde.

While we don’t fully understand how dangerous formaldehyde is to humans with minimum exposure at this time, pregnant women are particularly vulnerable and therefore should not risk being exposed to it.

The Formaldehyde Question  

Keratin treatments are not as harsh as chemical relaxers. In the past, keratin treatments have contained formaldehyde which is responsible for locking the hair into a sleek and smooth position for months at a time. The side effects of formaldehyde are problematic for pregnant women and have made some sceptical of the safety of keratin treatments, but our product is formaldehyde-free.

Are Keratin Treatments Healthy for My Hair?

Does Keratin Treatment Damage Hair? | BKT Beauty

To understand why keratin treatments can improve your hair health, we need to go over what keratin is. It's a protective protein that defends against damage. The hair cuticle absorbs the keratin and creates an extra-strong layer that increases shine. Along with straightening your hair, the treatment banishes frizz and repairs your hair.

Depending on your hair type, it may also alter your hair texture. It often turns wavy hair into straight hair and softens the curls in someone with curly hair. One thing keratin universally achieves, however, is smoothing your hair, ridding it of frustrating frizz. 

There are certain keratin hair treatments available that do not require the use of formaldehyde. Some keratin treatments are formulated with glyoxylic acid as opposed to formaldehyde. This is worked through the hair to break the bonds and reseal them in a straighter position. This is then followed up with blow-drying and is sealed with a flat iron.

Damaged Hair

If starting with already damaged hair, a keratin treatment is less than ideal. This is because high heat is required to seal the keratin treatment into your hair. Since damaged hair is brittle and prone to breakage, it may not even be able to stand the initial treatment process. 

If your hair is healthy enough to withstand the treatment, but still a bit damaged, it would be best to avoid using heat tools, such as a flat iron excessively over time you have the keratin treatment.

Nourishing Your Hair

Using proper aftercare products and repair masks can help strengthen hair if you’re worried about damage. Only use products that are intended for use on keratin-treated hair. Products containing added keratin can aid and mimic the effects of the keratin treatment, which boosts the benefits of the straightening treatment. You can find more information about keratin treatment aftercare products here.

We’ve all wanted to have our own Mia Thermopolous makeover moment a la The Princess Diaries and a keratin treatment is one of the most effective ways to achieve that. Transforming curly, frizzy, dull, and lifeless hair into a sleek and shiny wonder is no small task. Take a look at our services and decide which treatment is right for you.

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