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Does Keratin, Nanoplasty and Hair Botox Help with Hair Growth?

All 3 of these hair treatments, whilst fundamentally different, rejuvenate hair health and promote the growth of healthy hair - but for different reasons.

  • Keratin treatment: works on the outer layer only. Straightening result: 90-100%
  • Hair Botox: is NOT a hair straightening treatment. Hair botox provides deep conditioning and relaxes your hair. Straightening result: 0%
  • Nanoplasty: works inside out. Straightening result: up to 100%

Combining all of these treatments, where suitable, will bring out the full potential of your hair. And transform dry damaged hair into vibrant luscious locks - making sure your hair grows faster.

Does Keratin, Nanoplasty and Hair Botox Help with Hair Growth?

Let's take a look closer at why these treatments work, what they’re suitable for, and exactly how they promote hair growth. All of these factors ultimately depend on your hair and hair type.

Keratin Treatment

A keratin treatment is a chemical process that helps smooth the hair. By permeating the hair with keratin proteins, you’re smoothing down the cuticle and sealing it up - creating frizz free hair from root to tip - helping hair growth!

Finding the right keratin product is crucial for those with curly hair who want a more relaxed glossy look - it’s important to make sure the treatment works and is medically reviewed!

Hair Botox

A botox treatment for the hair gives life back to the folicles due to the amino acids contained within. Hair botox is able to rejuvenate the structure of the hair, repairing harm from frequent colouring or styling as well as heat damage (through a harsh blow dry for example). All of this lays a great foundation to propel your growth faster.


Formulated with collagen and amino acids, Nanoplasty provides an innovative hair restoration solution for both the inside and exterior of the hair follicle. This provides a great basis through which your hair should grow.

Whilst there are many products flooding the market, here at BKT, we created our own to comprehensively address hair damage and bring out your hairs full potential.

Let’s take a look at them!

BKT Nanoplasty Home Kit 

BKT Nanoplasty Home Kit | BKT Beauty

Our home kit is carefully designed with our unique Cast Guard System which is enriched with proteins, vitamins and essential oils that get inside your hair capillary fibres. This promotes hair repair - restoring elasticity and making it silky and soft.

BKT Deep Hydration Shampoo 

BKT's Deep Hydration Shampoo | BKT Beauty
Our Deep Hydration Shampoo deeply hydrating treatment which gently strengthens your follicles, improving your overall hair health. And unlike countless other shampoos and conditioners ours is completely paraben and sulphate free.

BKT Deep Hydration Mask

BKT's Deep Hydration Mask | BKT Beauty
Our mask combines a potent mix of omega 3 and argan oils as well as shea butter. We developed this treatment in order to fix dry, damaged or brittle hair.

BKT's Silk Touch Hair Oil 

BKT Silk Touch Hair Oil | BKT Beauty
Packed with coconut and argan oil extracts - we put together BKT Silk Touch Hair Oil should be used immediately after you wash your hair.