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The Ultimate Set


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Adios Bad Hair Days. Our at-home Keratin Treatment is finally here! Say hello to your new ultra-shiny, soft and manageable hair for up to 4 months as your hair grows out. A formaldehyde-free product, formulated using vegan ingredients from Brazil.

This kit will include:

Nanoplasty 120ml  (Lasts 1 application depending on hair length and density. If you have a lot of hair, we recommend 240ml size (1 bottle of 240ml)).

Deep Hydration Hair Mask 250g

Deep Hydration Shampoo 240ml

Silk Touch Hair Oil 60ml

Nano Home Kit 120ml Lasts 1 application depending on hair length and density. (if you have a lot of hair, we recommend two bottles).

Deep Hydration Shampoo 240ml A gentle cleansing shampoo that deeply hydrates, strengthens and improves hair health. This shampoo was developed to use after your keratin treatment/Nanoplastia resulting in long lasting results. 

BKT's Deep Hydration Mask 250g was developed to treat dry, damaged and brittle hair. The mask contains a powerful mix of Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Omega 3 that combine together to reduce breakage, and deeply nourish, and strengthen your hair. 

Silk Touch Hair Oil 60ml is rich in antioxidant properties derived from Argan and Coconut oil. It is easily absorbed into the hair without weighing it down.

  • Results can last up to 8 months or as your hair grows out
  • Ultra Shine, silky, soft hair
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Blond Friendly 
  • Easy to use at home
  • No need to wait 3 days to wash hair
  • It has an accumulative effect (The more you do, the straighter and healthier your hair will be)
  • Tutorial video included
  • Vegan and Cruelty-free


  • Wash your hair twice using BKT's Deep Hydration Shampoo
  • Wrap a towel around your shoulders 
  • Shake the bottle well and apply the product on clean and slightly damp hair, avoiding the scalp. (Tip: apply close to the roots until mid-length and comb product down to the end)
  • Leave the product to do its magic for 60 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair removing ONLY the excess. Do not remove the product completely.
  • Dry your hair completely then use a hair straightener SLOWLY on VERY small sections of hair, up to 10-15 times on average.
  • After straightening the hair, rinse hair thoroughly, finishing it off with BKT's Deep Hydration Hair Mask. (no need for shampoo)


    • Apply Silk Touch Hair oil as a heat protector before straightening your hair.
    • Use a hair straightener 
    • This treatment can lighten coloured hair up to 3 shades.
    • You can dye your hair darker 3-5 days after treatment.
    • For blonde, fine or weakened hair set the hair straightener to 190C or lower, and reduce the repetitions to 6-10 times.
    • For thick hair, set the straightener to 200C-230C depending on the strength of your hair.
    • Remember to straighten the hair in small/thin sections. This will determine how straight and the length of time the treatment will last.
    • The product is heat activated - You do not need to wait 3 days to wash your hair.
    • Formaldehyde Free
    • Safe to use whilst Pregnant  (with doctors approval)
    • It has a cumulative effect (the more you do, the straighter and healthier your hair will be)