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How Soon Can You Repeat a Keratin Treatment?

If you've always dreamed of having silky, smooth, straight hair, then a keratin treatment is your best bet to achieve that. It's a treatment that consists of applying special products to your hair, followed by a blow-dry and then is sealed with a straightener.

It is often also referred to as a Brazilian Blowout Keratin, which is a naturally occurring protein that can be found in your hair, skin, and nails, strengthens hair, reduces frizz, and increases shine by smoothing the hair cuticle.

Hairdryers activate the products and the flat iron straightens the hair. This treatment is used to modify curl patterns, effectively straightening the hair until the treatment grows out and it even repairs damaged hair.

You might be thinking, well that sounds great, but how long does it last? That’s a great question and depends on a few factors. Read on to learn more about keratin treatments.

How Soon Can You Repeat a Keratin Treatment? | BKT Beauty

The Lifespan of Keratin Treatments

How long the keratin treatment lasts depends on how fast your hair grows, how well you follow aftercare instructions, the frequency that you wash your hair, and your hair type. Keratin treatments are not permanent because they do not permanently alter the bonds in your hair.

You can expect it to last for 5-7 months or the amount of time it takes for your hair to grow out. The straightener binds the chemicals to your hair but over time, as you continue to shampoo, it will wear off. Hair botox is also temporary and lasts for 2-3 months.

You will need to invest in sulphate free shampoos. By using a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, you can extend the lifespan of your keratin treatment because sulphates strip the hair of keratin. Try to avoid washing your hair after a keratin treatment as much as possible. Use dry shampoo in between washings.

Repeating Keratin Treatments

Both keratin treatments and nanoplasty can be performed every 3-4 months but this depends on the thickness of your hair, the texture, and how often you wash it. If you have just gotten a keratin treatment and need a touch-up, you can redo it after 48 hours.

However, if you have recently treated hair, you should only do this if your hair is sufficiently healthy to handle another treatment. Additionally, you should consider your hair type. As the treatment grows out, it will be more noticeable on very curly hair. If your hair type is on the curly end, you will need to repeat the treatment every 3 months to avoid your natural curl pattern showing at the roots.

Book a Consultation

Our professionals are trained to use a different technique that is customized to each hair type. We offer multiple hair treatments, such as keratin treatment, nanoplasty, and hair botox. There will be a consultation so we can understand the client's hair needs. If you’re interested in getting sleeker, straighter, shinier hair, then contact us at BKT Beauty today to schedule a consultation.

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